Video Tutorials
These are video links to YouTube. If you have the bandwidth, use the Youtube menu to select 720P and watch fullscreen.

Audio Basics - I did not cover how to drag and drop an iTunes music file on top of your clip but I covered most of the rest of the basics.

Working with Fonts - Part 1 - Setting up custom fonts in iMovie.

Working with Fonts - Part 2 - Adding drop shadows and multiple colors.

Working with Photos and Transitions - This will explain why your photos get shorter when you add transitions and shows you how to add a background to your photos.

Converting Trailers to Projects - Converting trailers to a projects so you can add photos then alter the title fonts and colors being used.

Jump Cuts at Beat Markers - Add dramatic cuts using the musics beat to match your edits.

Advanced Color Correction - I give you some direction how to correct that “bad” footage.

Editing Features in iMovie 11 - Adding Picture in Picture(PiP), Split Screen (side by side), and a cut away video.

Adding a logo - Movie supports Alpha channel (transparency in an image) so you can add a logo or other image to your movie.

Keywording Your Footage - The whys and hows to add keywords to your iMovie footage before making a movie.

Doing a Voiceover - how to do voiceovers in iMovie, selecting the best take, and show you how ducking the audio works.

Cleaning Up Your Audio - I show you how to reduce wind noise but, the same technique could be used to reduce almost any noise. I also quickly run through using a product called Sound Soap.

Exporting Mono Audio - Instead of exporting a stereo with one channel empty when you have mono tracks just export out mono.

Advanced Video Exporting - tutorial will show you how to export your iMovie projects HD while still maintaining a good quality but, have a much smaller size.

Rotating Your Video - Rotate a video clip in iMovie then apply a Ken Burns to retain the content without getting black bars.

Jumping to Markers - in iMovie 11 you can quickly jump to any markers (Chapter or Comment) you have set. You can also jump to all your titles.

SD cards - Keeping your original footage. I show you a few ways to make an iMovie "archive" and making an image of your SD card with MTS files.

Importing Windows Media - I show you 2 ways to import Windows Media (WMV) files in to iMovie for use in your project.

Importing Droid Movies - How to import footage from your Droid and dealing with frame rate issues.

Ripping a DVD into iMovie 11 - Quick walk though (end to end) on how to take DVD content and import it to iMovie.

Ripping a Movie for your Droid X - Simple and free using Handbrake and VLC.

Ripping Anything in to iMovie - It would be a really long video if I went though every single conversion solution but this video will tell you the why and hows of the various tools available out there. Links to these tools in the links section.