iMovie 9.0.4 released

Software UpdateJuly 12 2011

Looks like there is a bunch of new updates out today. Get them while they are hot! Hopefully my iPhoto issues are resolved now.

iMovie Pro released

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I kid folks... but the new
Final Cut X is A LOT like iMovie! I just finished reading about the features and watched all the video reviews I could find. This new version of Final Cut is iMovie on steroids. It has facial recognition, keywords, and works so much like iMovie it is scary. Now many Final Cut fans like myself are a bit disappointed but if you are looking for a lot more out of a video editor with not “too” much of a learning curve you may want to spend $300 and download the new Final Cut.

I will be picking this up in the near future as it renders and does color correction in near real time if you have a powerful enough machine. This also give me a bit of hope for iMovie down the road.

Steve Martin did a
nice write up here and if you are like myself and need to watch some videos on how it works you can check some of those out here.

Screen Capture

Yes, we have no bananas today. iMovie 11 no longer supports a screen grab to a file. Yes, it still does a screen capture for your video but you will not have a JPEG file to copy and share around. I have a few solutions but none of them are that great.

iMovie 9.0.2 is now available

iMovie 9.0.2 is now available for download either from Apple’s Web site or through the Software Update system preference.

Apple notes that the incremental release of its moviemaking software “improves overall stability and fixes an issue that could cause audio playback to be out of sync.”

The update is recommended for all users of iLife

Old iMovie FAQ News

It seems my Blog program archived off all the 2010 iMovie FAQ news. If you were wondering what the heck it was just click the 2010 link in the bottom left-hand corner.
Wish I had some more exciting news to post to fill this blank page but... nothing yet.
Hope everyone is having a great new year!