How long have I been messing around with iMovie? Since version 2. As a matter of fact, if you Google just "iMovie" I am on the first page.

(Old iLife write-up)

The long version:

I have always been kind of a camera and video nut. I suppose my dad passed his love of such things on to me. I always wanted to edit videos but did not want to mess around with a bunch of equipment and expensive software. I had it with Windows as I had just upgraded to Windows Millennium Edition, ME for short. This had to be the single worse piece of software I have come across in what is now over 30 years working with and around computers. I made the decision to move to Linux! I mean, I was born and raised on Unix from way back in my IT schooling and I was not really attached to Windows that much. Time to move on... Relationship over. Mac was not an option. I was not buying one of those expensive non-compliant boxes that hardly anyone used.

I loaded a version of Linux, called Suse, and noticed when it was installing a "Video Editor" went by during the process. I thought, "WOW that would be sweet!" I forget how many days it took me to get the recompiled kernel in place to allow this new magical "firewire" port, my new camera had, to work. If you don't know back then things did not "just work" in Linux like they do today. Anyway, software installed and working! To say that this software was "basic" would be an understatement and with the computer and graphics card I had at the time not sure "slow" was the right word either. "Painful" was a good word for it!

I was sure a new computer would make everything better. Doesn't it always? tongue So I happened to be in Best Buy looking around at systems I would buy parts for on the internet and build myself, and there was a guy there demoing this new Mac. I rolled my eyes. I was impressed with the look of the thing though. (For you Mac history buffs out there, it was a Mac Cube running OS X 10.0) I noticed he had a camera hooked to it and asked about it. As he whizzed around the screen dropping in clips and adding transitions. I stood there stunned. I asked, "What is the deal with this new OS?" He said, "Mac now runs OS X and it is a BSD based Unix and".... I actually did not listen to a word he said after that because I was screaming like a girl on the inside!

I went on the internet and purchased a new dual G4. The thing was amazingly fast, heck the thing could probably still edit SD footage pretty well even going on 10 years old. Anyway... like most newbies I had a lot of questions and started asking around and jotting down answers, tips, and tricks. When Apple started putting their forums in order people would ask questions and I had a lot of the answers. I love Apple but they were not fast enough for my tastes in getting information out there or admitting problems and issues. So the "Unofficial" iMovie FAQ was born. Just FYI Apple hates it when you use the name of there products in your web site name so that is why
"Unofficial" is right up front.

At first it was just a list on one page underneath my website. Then it turned in to a
really long list. I think when imovie version 3 came out I had to break the site into pages since there were just so many problems and work arounds. The site was so popular it started costing me money for more bandwidth, software, and time so hence the Google ads. Trust me I am not making much on the site but it keeps the wife happy if you know what I mean fellas. wink

I have bought more books and manuals for iMovie than I can remember and if I do not know the answer off the top of my head I am sure I can look it up for you real quick. I also think I have ripped or imported just about every type format out there. Remember if it is not in iMovie there is probably a way to do it in Quicktime or there is a tool to do what you want out there somewhere.

In 2007 when the new iMovie came out I was not really happy with the direction Apple was going with the product and kind of just "gave up" on the site and iMovie itself. I was using Final Cut and quite happy with it. I still do not like the fact that iMovie does not allow plug-ins and does not really support Quicktime plug-ins well. When I recently picked up a new Mac pro, I was still using an old G5, I started thinking about the old iMovie FAQ and I happen to read that iMovie 11 was coming out and it had the "real" timeline back. I was excited and put this new site up. Hopefully Apple now knows what people want and will continue to make their product do what it was designed to do, "Make it easy for a person to import, edit, cut, title and deliver their home movies." Time will tell I suppose. Anyway, I am back and hope to stick around.

Lastly, If you don't see something here on the FAQ that should be
drop me a note.