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iMovie Tips and Tricks

  • My Audio is out of sync. Simple Fix.
  • You want to use photos in my iMovie trailer? You can drop pictures inside your trailer just do this.
  • If you want to add a trailer to a project than do this then copy and paste the clips in the new project.
  • Trailers hanging or not working? Try this.
  • Aperture Updating Event hung? Easy fix.
  • Where are all the Pro options in iMovie 11 I heard about? Right here.
  • How can I edit the trailer information so iMovie is not listed. Easier than you might think.
  • I have 1080i footage and want to export out 1080P but the iMovie share won’t let me. No problem.
  • I want to take a screenshot of my iMovie video

  • How to add a pointer to iMovieClick here to find out Thanks Karsten!

  • Ripping a DVD and loading it in to iMovie 11. Simple.
  • How to import footage for most modern camcorders, or cameras. Here are 3 examples.
  • Quick jump to Comments, Titles, and Chapter Markers. Kind of hard to find so here you go.
  • I want to remove the city names and that red line on my globe map maybe even add some clouds. Check here.
  • It is very fast and easy to remove the Ken Burns effect from all of the photos in your project here is how.
  • Is iMovie exporting the very best to YouTube? Use these guidelines and you can be sure of it.